Chip Rowe, Founder, CEO, and President, Care Share Manager
Chip Rowe, Founder, CEO, and PresidentThe COVID-19 outbreak has brought unparalleled and unforeseen impacts on lives, especially on elderly individuals staying in long-term care facilities. In an attempt to protect these residents and their caregivers who are particularly vulnerable to the virus, several facilities have adopted strict new access and visitation restrictions. But locking down long-term care facilities for a prolonged period raises other concerns. On the one hand, care providers are struggling to protect the vulnerable population and face communication barriers with the residents’ families. On the other hand, lack of visits from family and friends can increase the isolation and loneliness of elderly residents, which could dramatically impact their overall well-being. Under this critical situation, care facilities need to build a convenient and effective two-way virtual communication between families, caregivers, and residents in senior living and elder care facilities to not only support staff efficiency and resident engagement, but maintain social distancing.

“We offer a fully customizable, cloud-based solution that enables long-term care facilities to deliver an extraordinary experience to its residents, patients, their families, volunteers, and staff and more easily comply with CMS and State Audits,” says Chip Rowe, Founder, CEO, and President of Care Share Manager Corporation. “Our flexible and cost-effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software keeps families engaged and informed; reduces facility risk; and provides powerful analytics and engagement tools—all while increasing the facility’s efficiency, performance, satisfaction, and enriching the bottom line.”

Today, Care Share Manager adds value to long term or post-acute care communities by empowering them with tools that can improve the quality of life for their residents and patients. Their CRM software can measure and track each resident’s community interactions, social activity involvement, behaviors, care services being provided, and individual progress, and make that information available to qualified family members, friends, or other care providers without geographic or time zone restrictions 24/7/365. Furthermore, the company introduced a check-in and check-out kiosk to create records about families’ visits for residents’ safety.

Care Share Manager: Bringing the "Care" back to the Senior Care System

We offer a fully customizable, cloud-based solution that enables long-term care facilities to deliver an extraordinary experience to its residents, patients, their families, volunteers, and staff and more easily comply with CMS and State Audits

As many care facilities deal with staff crunch, the company’s solution offers a full feature set around volunteer recruiting, self-scheduling, and managing volunteer involvement and responsibilities.

Care Share Manager also empowers families to communicate with care providers in real-time through its built-in communication capability called Chatter. It allows proactive communication between the two parties and documents every conversation to help reduce a facility’s legal risks. Such capabilities not only help increase transparency, build trust, and promote loyalty between families, residents and care providers, but also improves the well-being of residents—all of which reflects positively on the facility’s bottom line.

Another aspect that makes the company unique is its ability to adapt to changes and redesign its offering to meet the ever-changing market demands. Care Share Manager is offering to deliver its solution at no cost for six months to aid facilities experiencing an influx of family communication requests due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology has been designed to be deployed quickly and provide designated staff, volunteers, and care providers with immediate communication assistance regardless of where they are working.

Care Share Manager’s inception dates back to 2015 when Rowe grew increasingly frustrated with the lowering level of service and communication provided by a long-term care facility that housed his mother. Not only did her care providers fail to monitor her accurately, but their lack of resources eliminated any sharing of updated information and prevented his family from continuing their engagement with her. Over time, the perceived lack of quality care and transparency widened the communication gap to the point of no return. At this juncture, Rowe knew he had to do something about this problem; to ensure his mother was being cared for safely and his family’s continued engagement along with the families of the millions of residents in care facilities across the world who are suffering from the same frustration.

With a dream to revolutionize the long term or post-acute care industry, Care Share Manager is working on integrating SMS messaging into their system for more accessible communication. Being Salesforce partners, the company plans on leveraging Einstein Analytics and AI to create a fall risk profile to help staff take better care of the residents. “We built Care Share Manager not only to address the challenges related to the communication gap but also to help our elders live their life with happiness and dignity while not adding additional burden of the staff,” concludes Rowe.